Category of the Fund                                            Open-Ended
Fund Name Fijian Holdings Unit Trust (FHUT)
Fund Type Diversified Income and Growth
Fund Launched 27th April 2001
Financial Year Ending 30th June
Dividend Register Closure 31 October, 28 (29) February and 30 June
Dividend Distribution Every 4 months, three times a year (21st of every payout month, November, March and July)
Minimum Initial Entry Amount 50 units
Thereafter Any amount
Maximum Amount Unlimited
Minimum Investment Period 3 to 5 years
Entry Fees
The Fund manager will charge 3.50% of an individual FHUT unit price as entry fee.
Exit Fees Nil
Fund Management Fees
The Manager will charge 1.65% of the Total value of the FHUT investment portfolio as Fund Management Fee to be paid out fortnightly in arrears.
Trustees Fees
Fixed fee of $38,000 VIP until portfolio reaches $100 million VIP or 0.05% of the total value of Trust property when it exceeds $100 million.
Manager of the Fund Limited (FHL FML)
FHL Fund Management Limited
Trustee of the Fund
Fijian Holdings Trustees Limited (FTL)


Current Unit Prices

Entry Price: $1.13
Exit Price: $1.08

FHUT Prices Valid from:
(15/09/23) to 30/09/23)