FHUT Performance

Information on Performance

Unit holders will be provided with an Annual Report at the end of every financial year to inform them annually on the performance of FHUT.

The Manager will also continue to inform unit holders on FHUT’s performance throughout the period of this Prospectus through appropriate market disclosure in the media. For more information on the current performance of the FHUT, please contact the Manager.

Listed below is a tabulated listing of FHUT’s growth since inception to 30 June 2018. Performance to date has seen FHUT distribute over $33.67 million in dividends to unit holders and its portfolio has grown by over 92% since its inception.

Despite the challenging investment environment in Fiji, FHUT has shown consistent performance over the last 7 years as shown in the graph below. Total returns averaged 8.2% during the last 7 years shared between an average dividend yield of 4.6% per annum and average growth of 3.6% per annum.

Dividend Distribution Per Unit Since Inception

 Year  Interim (cents)  Final (cents)  Total (cents)
 2002  1.750  1.150  2.900
 2003  1.000  0.970  1.970
 2004  1.000  1.300  2.300
 2005  0.960  1.492  2.452
 2006  1.170  1.475  2.645
 2007  1.500  1.540  3.040
 2008  1.340  1.476  2.816

Current Unit Prices

Entry Price: $1.09
Exit Price: $1.04

FHUT Prices Valid from:
(01/06/23) to 15/06/23)