Milestone Achievement for Fijian Holdings Unit Trust

Jan 7, 2020

PRESS RELEASE: FHL Fund Management Limited (FHL FML), the Fund Manager for Fijian Holdings Unit Trust (FHUT) is delighted to announce that the Fund has reached an entry price of $1.01 and an exit price of $0.97 for the New Year.

The milestone unit price achievement is a pure reflection of the value of the fund, that is, the value of the pooled investment. As the value of the fund increases so does the unit price.

From humble beginnings since the Fund was established in April 2001 with an initial portfolio value of $5.73 million, 18 years on we are proud to now boast a portfolio size of $133 million. A remarkable increase of $127.27 million with over 18,000 unit holders.

The new entry price of $1.01 per unit will be valid for next fortnight. This momentous achievement is a key indicator of growth for the fund as well as for our unit holders.

FHUT Portfolio Growth Since Inception

This extraordinary accomplishment is a true reflection of the unwavering commitment by the hardworking staff of FHL Fund Management Limited as they focus to grow as well as manage the Fund.

The current financial year has been quite challenging not to mention a competitive one for the Fund. However, with professional management, diversification and convenience, the Fund has done exceptionally well.

Although the unit entry price has increased to $1.01, it is still a relatively affordable investment product for both institutional and retail investors alike. Our aim is to continue to provide a very competitive return to our investors.

The Fund has paid dividend of $38.90 million in the last 18 years to its unit holders.

Fijian Holdings Unit Trust dividends are tax free.


Current Unit Prices

Entry Price: $1.13
Exit Price: $1.08

FHUT Prices Valid from:
(15/09/23) to 30/09/23)